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Available for people who live Harlow, SMARTAdvice is a friendly expert money advice service for when your finances get a little bit complicated.

Whether you are in paid employment or on benefits we will find a solution for you.

Make an appointment for a confidential one-to-one session with one of advice experts who will help you:

  • Draw up a personal plan for paying bills on time, shopping wisely and even saving a little each week.

  • Rationalise and manage your debts

  • Prioritise expenses to organise your money on a daily, monthly and yearly basis

  • Work towards achieving your money saving goals with money saving ideas

  • Understand the new Universal Credit benefits payment system

  • To make an appointment for a confidential one-to-one session you can contact us by:

    – Phone on 01279 451234
    – Popping into the Harlowsave office on the first floor of Harlow Central Library (lift access available)
    – Using the online enquiry form below:

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SMARTAdvice is a project of Harlowsave Credit Union Authorised & Regulated by
the Financial Conduct Authority & the Prudential Regulation Authority Firm No. 213273