Harlowsave Credit Union is working with ABCUL (Association of British Credit Union Limited)
to promote Work Not Worry a scheme aimed at helping employees to save regularly and manage their money better.

Worrying about money affects the health and performance of millions of workers.

Employers can help by working in partnership with credit unions.

This reduces stress, increases productivity and costs very little.

Partnerships with a credit union mean everyone is better off.


Your employees’ money worries are affecting your business

♦ 1 in 4 employees lose sleep over money worries

♦ 59% of employees with money worries say they are not working at their best

♦ 26% of working-age adults in the UK have no savings at all

♦ 29% have less than £1,000 in savings


Credit unions take the worry out of money.

♦ Over 200,000 employees in Britain use payroll deduction to save and with a credit union you can turn borrowers into savers

♦ Over 70% continue saving regularly after repaying a credit union loan

♦ Credit unions offer the best value for loans up to £2,000 and they provide affordable loans to people with a poor credit history


A payroll partnership with your credit union is convenient and costs next to nothing
Employers have been working with credit unions for over 30 years.

There are partnerships at Royal Mail | NHS | Department for Work & Pensions | Army, Navy & Air Force (via Ministry of Defence) | John Lewis | Stagecoach | First Bus | British Airways | BAE Systems | Tata Steel | Airbus | Guardian Media Group | Parliament / Palace of Westminster | Boots | The Co-operative Group | Arriva | Admiral Insurance | Manchester Airport | Police | Fire Service
Delivering credit union services to your staff costs very little – only a simple process each payday
The credit union handles all marketing, communications and enquiries relating to the scheme.


♦ Your business benefits from more effective employees and better Corporate Social Responsibility rating

♦ Helping employees manage their money reduces absenteeism and increases productivity

♦ Employees who get into a savings habit are less likely to get into debt and more likely to perform well at work

♦ Helping your employees manage their money breeds loyalty and help you retain your best people



Simply confirm that you wish to set up a scheme and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll advise you on promoting the benefit to ensure maximum take-up, provide all promotional materials and paperwork, and run the scheme for you.

If you have any more questions at any stage please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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