Free and confidential financial help for you

  • Increase your income by claiming benefits or tax credits you are entitled to
  • Plan your budget and keep track of your money
  • Save money or reduce spending
  • Avoid getting into debt or manage your debts better
  • Prioritise your expenses so you can better organise 
your money in the short and longer term
  • Work towards your money saving goals

For confidential financial advice, please choose one of the links below:

  • For specialist advice and advocacy on benefits, debt and housing click here
  • For help with financial planning, budgeting and money advice click here


Harlow Advice Centre is working with Harlowsave Credit Union on a National Lottery funded project ” SMARTAdvice Plus” which is aimed at helping people to improve their money management skills. The SMARTAdvice Plus project provides one to one and group sessions on budgeting advice and tips, money management and specialist debt advice