What members can expect from Harlowsave

This brief guide will explain the services we provide and, in normal circumstances, how quickly we respond to your instructions.

New Members

New members will receive a New Member Pack within five working days of joining.

Your Account

Members’ accounts will be up to date within five working days of receipt of a payment. There are a number of options available in which to make payment:

• Cash at PayPoint access points
• Cheque to us by post
• Payroll deductions by your employer
• Cash by popping into the office
• Direct payment of your Benefits, Tax Credits and Pensions
• Standing Order from your bank


Once you are a member you can have several share accounts. You can use them to save separately for the Festive Season, holidays, other special occasions or bills, provided you agree to save the minimum amount on a regular basis into your Regular Savings.
If you are keen to be a saver contact the office for more information.

Share Withdrawals

Share Withdrawals can be requested via the email address registered to your account or via member online services.
If a member does not have e-mail address they can just pop into the office and we will print a form for them to sign.

Saver Loans

Loan forms can be downloaded from www.harlowsave.coop or are available via the office. You should complete a Saver Loan Application Form, Budget Sheet plus provide the supporting information listed. Once you have completed your application it will be assessed. Depending on the circumstances of the loan, you should be informed of the decision within five working days.

Easy Loans

If you have more in shares than you want to borrow, then you can apply for a very low-cost loan, which is charged at only 0.5% per calendar month, (6.2% apr), as long as you meet the repayment schedule. Easy Loan Application forms are available from www.harlowsave.coop or from the office. There is a 24 hours maximum turn around.
The application process is easy and your savings will remain intact.